Rabu, 06 November 2013

Anticrash 3.6.1 - Repair Crash Di Komputer Kamu

Anticrash adalah aplikasi untuk menanggulangi crash di komputer atau laptop kalian sobat. Dengan aplikasi ini yang biasanya browser atau ada aplikasi lain ngehang atau gak bisa ditutup bahkan di repair sama aplikasi ini. Soalnya ada fiitur AutoRepairnya. :D Nih aku kasih fitur-fitur lengkap yang ada di aplikasi hebat ini. Walau ukurannya kecil tapi sangat sangat berguna sobat.

  • Total protection from crashes and freezes

AntiCrash protects your computer like no other software can. Not only AntiCrash protects you against 95.8% crashes, but it also automatically fixes the crashes; you don't have to do anything, AntiCrash does all the work for you! AntiCrash is also the only software capable of intercepting blue screens and freezes.

  • AutoRepair technology included

With AutoRepair, using dozens of separate tools to scan your computer is now forgotten. AutoRepair can find and repair thousands of thousands of problems, with its built-in advanced Artificial Intelligence - all automatically!

  • Anti-boot system for Yahoo Messenger

Because sometimes hackers can be just as dangerous as crashes, AntiCrash introduces BootSafe, your ticket for boot-free chatting with Yahoo. If a malicious user tries to boot you, BootSafe intercepts it and deactivates the attempt. You can even configure AntiCrash to ignore certain User IDs!

  • Files protected from corruption

Sometimes, a crash can corrupt your data. Not with AntiCrash, and its built-in safeguard Lifebelt. Lifebelt will automatically backup a copy of all open files if a crash occurs, making it sure for you to always recover all the files you were working on.

  • Easy to use

In addition to revolutionary technologies and near-to-perfect performance, AntiCrash features a state-of-art interface, extremely easy to use. Our interface fully respects Microsoft's guidelines and is very intuitive. Most of the time, you don't have to do anything at all, since AntiCrash works in background, but should you decide to explore its interface and expert features, you'd be surprised how ease of use can mix with advanced functionality.

  • Smart Software™ 

AntiCrash is adaptive and knows what to let you know and when. If you forget to run AutoRepair, it will automatically remind you to do so; the Main Menu allows you to know AntiCrash's status in a glance; and the list goes on.

  • And much more 

AntiCrash features other great functions, such as damaged file recovery or lost data recovery! It is impossible to list all of AntiCrash's functions on a single webpage, so why don't you download AntiCrash and find out yourself how simple, efficient and complete it is?

Download here : Anticrash 3.6.1 with Serial Number
Password rar : octora-days.blogspot.com

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